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I am glad I choose Mr. Stout to represent us. I had my fears about the process since I did not think we will ever go through this.  Mr. Stout made it easy and always answered my questions (I probably drove him crazy with a million questions) to the point and faster than I expected. He made me feel that he cared and did not treat me like I was just a case number. Thank you Mr. Stout.  I will highly recommend Mr. Stout.   

Adina G.

January, 2018

What a pleasure to have Larry Stout as my attorney!  Being a senior and having to go through a bankruptcy at this stage of my life was extremely difficult for me to face, but the compassion, understanding and complete efficiency that Larry Stout possesses, is something to be admired and was greatly appreciated. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Larry D. Stout to anyone seeking excellent legal representation.  

Barbara S.

December, 2017

I haven't actually met with Larry Stout yet. But his ability to make you feel comfortable during the consultative process is ASTOUNDING. He is down to earth, listens and tried to find ways to help me and my situation. I told him I should call him HOPE, because he is that awesome.

Peggy A.

February 2017

I had a long-standing tax issue which caused nothing but frustration. I called Mr. Stout as a last resort and he gave me a honest, workable and pragmatic road map that will probably alleviate the issue without any legal action at this time. Being an HR professional I work with hundreds of people all day long and it's rare when I experience integrity at the highest level.  Mr. Stout simply extended his expertise to bring some knowledge that only helped and made a bad situation better to deal with via some concrete next steps.  Highly recommend this special attorney!

Elizabeth A.

February, 2017

I was very nervous about doing bankruptcy and had a lot of questions. I am 78 years old and on my own. Larry put me at ease and answered all my questions. He was very patient and helpful and the whole thing went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone considering this financial step. Thank you Larry...   

Lois H.

January 2017

Larry is by far the kindest and most thorough attorney I've ever had the privilege of working with. He alleviated all of my concerns about filing and the process of bk, offered great resources and advice for rebuilding my credit, and kept me posted on the status of my petition in a very prompt manner. Most importantly, Larry treated me like a human and with great respect. Anyone reading this is certainly going through a transitional, and likely difficult, time. I know the idea of bk was intimidating to me and Larry went above and beyond to explain my options and how life would be post petition. Anyone in need of help getting a fresh start and taking this step should look no further than Larry Stout. I appreciate all the help you extended my direction...

Dylan O.

December, 2016

Larry is very helpful and understands people. He is very thorough and prompt with getting back to you when you have a question about the process in dealing with bankruptcy.I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of help with their situation. 

Michael A.

November, 2016

Larry was exactly what I was hoping to find in an attorney. He was very professional in his approach, and easy to work with. He has gone above and beyond my expectations. If you are looking for someone that knows the system, is professional, friendly, and willing to help you every step of the way, Larry D. Stout is your guy. I would highly recommend him. 

Trevor K

October, 2016

I am extremely grateful for Larry Stout. When my wife and I first came in to talk to Larry, I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect with the bankruptcy process, and I did not know what filing for bankruptcy would do to my career. Thankfully, Larry was very attentive to our questions, concerns, and needs. He answered all of our questions, calmed our fears, did a lot of research for our extenuating circumstances, and kept us well informed of the status of our case. Whenever we had any work to do on our end, Larry helped remind us of the urgency to get them done. He was very thorough in all of the paperwork needed to get our case completed and extremely knowledgeable in the entire bankruptcy process. In the end, Larry helped us through a very difficult process from start to finish with professionalism, courtesy, and caring. I have nothing but the greatest appreciation for Larry. Thanks!

James A.

March, 2016

I had recently been facing the possibility of having to file for bankruptcy. The word alone made me cringe. After reading Larry's reviews I decided to give him a call, Larry was extremely good at putting me at ease, and took the time to understand what my concerns were. For 5 months I had been grappling with the possibility of being on my own not knowing what to expect and what the repercussions might be. Larry walked me through the process and put the myths that I had heard about bankruptcy to rest. He suggested a good option for me to follow and after a few very kind words, we concluded the call.

Customer service is a very hard skill to master. When you can put a person going through a very stressful and very scary situation at ease, and give them real options that don't include the end of the world. That's a very powerful skill to have. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone needed his services.

Thank you for giving me the tools I need to move forward.  Very truly, Joe

Joe P.

March, 2016

Looked at several attorneys in my area and after reading all the stellar reviews here, I decided to give Larry a call. He was kind and professional, and so knowledgeable from his years of expertise, that any worries I had were immediately put to rest after our first conversation. He made this nightmarish process seamless. I loved that he was so organized, didn't belittle me because of the stupid financial decisions I made in my past, and made himself available for any question I had. Great attorney, I highly recommend giving him a call before you go with someone else. Oh and the cherry on top was that he is completely affordable - even for someone going BK. Thank God for thus guy. My only regret is that I didn't call him 5 years ago.  

Christina M.

March, 2016

Bankruptcy can be a very scary and intimidating process. I was hesitant to even make the phone call to discuss it, let alone make the decision that it was right for my family. After reading online reviews, I decided to call Larry. Best decision. Larry took the time to thoroughly explain the process and answer all of our questions. He handled our case quickly, effectively and with a lot of compassion. I would recommend anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney to call Larry first. He went above and beyond to give us the best possible outcome. Thank you Larry..!

Sarah J.

July 10, 2015

When I suddenly found myself facing serious financial problems a while back, a mutual friend introduced me to Larry Stout. After a few brief meetings, minimal paperwork, and one quick court appearance, my bankruptcy was concluded. The harassment by creditors stopped as soon as my case was filed, and the creditors who had threatened me with liens or garnishments simply went away, lifting a huge amount of stress off my shoulders. And by retaining my home and car and making sure the payments stayed current I was able to quickly re-build my credit. Larry made the entire process painless and handled everything with the utmost of tact and sensitivity. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone considering bankruptcy.

Ray Porter

July 10, 2015

Bankruptcy can be a scary thing but Larry made it easy to understand and helped in every way possible. He made the whole process easy, from gathering all of my info to the hearing to the discharge. It was as pleasant an experience as one can have in such difficult times. He understands that you are in a bad place and empathizes with your situation. I highly recommend looking up Larry when you are at one of the hardest times of your life.  He will help you get back on track.

Ray J.

July 10, 2015

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